Who I Am, What I Do

Matt Wastradowski - Author Photo - Photo by CorriAnne Photography + Design

Photo by CorriAnne Photography + Design

Hi! My name is Matt Wastradowski, and I’m a travel and outdoors writer based in Oregon.

Whether on assignment or just for fun, chances are good I’m usually doing something that deepens my passion and enthusiasm for the Beaver State and the broader Pacific Northwest.

In recent years, I’ve visited more than 300 breweries and cideries, hiked hundreds (if not thousands) of miles, and driven roughly 30,000 miles around Oregon. I’ve camped in tents, yurts, and fire lookouts. And I’ve spent countless hours exploring seemingly every backcountry road this state has to offer, often with no bars on my iPhone.

It wasn’t always like this …

A Bit About Me and My Experience:

Coming out of college, my career goals were simple: Make a living with words. I’d figure out the rest later, but the gist was to get out of stocking shelves and rounding up carts at my local grocery store. And if I could put my shiny new liberal arts degree to good use, all the better!

Since graduating in 2005, I’ve ….

  • Written front-page articles for my hometown newspaper
  • Became that newspaper’s first social media coordinator
  • Wrote marketing copy for my alma mater’s arch-enemy
  • Told the stories of inspiring patients and doctors at a Portland-based cancer center
  • Edited emails, websites, proposals, and marketing copy for progressive politicians and nonprofits
  • Started travel and outdoors writing, with a special nod to Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, and the region’s many wonders
  • Authored three guides for a respected guidebook publisher

I won’t bore you with a full-fledged resume here, but suffice to say: My 21-year-old self was onto something when he pined for a writing career. And, with luck, the best is yet to come.

No matter the assignment or editor, I pride myself on three things: turning in clean and compelling copy, maintaining a positive demeanor, and meeting deadlines—no matter the circumstances.

Selected Stories:

In recent years, I’ve worked to channel my energy and enthusiasm into a career as a travel and outdoors writer. Here are a few of my favorite stories (travel and otherwise) to date.

Oregon Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs)

Blogger and Travel Writer (September 2018 – Present)


Contributing Writer (April 2019)

Northwest Travel & Life Magazine

Contributing Writer (February 2017 – Present)

REI Co-op Journal

Contributing Editor (October 2016 – November 2017) and Contributing Writer (November 2017 – Present)


Contributing Writer (December 2014 – Present)

The Columbian

Features News Assistant (December 2005 – March 2011) and Contributing Writer (November 2015)